• The EON Team

What if Your Computer Was Stolen Today?

Is your system encrypted, or will whoever stole your computer now have access to your data? What would the legal implications be to your organization, if any? If your system isn’t encrypted and you have saved passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and/or banking account information anywhere on the system, that’s a problem.

Now think about your colleagues and/or employees. If one of them leaves their laptop in the car overnight and it turns up missing, how big of a problem would that be for your organization? Would the replacement cost of any lost or stolen systems be covered under an insurance policy? When was the last time you reviewed that policy to make sure it’s up to date? Does your employee agreement address this issue? These are questions you should consider now, before you are faced with a worst-case scenario, and our team would be happy to help you with each.

Part of our job at EON Consulting, LLC is helping you answer questions before you know they need to be answered. That is one of the reasons why this post is loaded with questions. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients that are not only full of questions, but also answers …and we understand the answers to each of these questions are often widely different for each organization.

If you haven’t already worked with our team to implement a centralized disk encryption solution to encrypt and monitor all your organization’s systems, now may be the time to take that next step. Keep in mind encryption solutions break, so even if you already have them in place, they need to be monitored on a regular basis.

If reading this prompted you to ask yourself “What is disk encryption?”, “Should I be encrypting my computer?”, or “What’s the difference between disk encryption and centralized disk encryption?” reach out and let’s at least have those conversations.

We know these questions can be overwhelming, and this post may have been a crash course in anxiety management for some ...but these questions need to be answered (or at least considered), and our team would love to help you tackle them, together.

Helping you think ahead,

The EON Team