• The EON Team

You Should Implement Multi-Factor Authentication in Microsoft 365

If you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing and reach out to our team for help implementing multi-factor authentication on your Microsoft 365 account.

Passwords can easily become compromised (particularly if you or your team use the same passwords across multiple platforms). As an example, say your Microsoft 365 password is the same password you once used for your Adobe account. Most passwords used on Adobe’s platform were leaked several years ago, so any password you might have used for your Adobe account at that time is most likely for sale on the dark web. In other words, malicious actors can pay for your former (and in many cases current) password. And Adobe is just one example among hundreds of thousands of platforms where passwords have become compromised.

This problem has become so rampant that our team is now seeing end-user passwords for our clients become compromised on a daily basis. Multi-factor authentication helps mitigate this risk, and this is why we recommend both you and everyone on your team implement it on your Microsoft 365 account ASAP. It only takes one end-user using a shared password to compromise your organization’s data, and we would bet dollars to donuts that at least one person on your team is using their Netflix/Hulu/Candy Crush password on their Microsoft 365 account.

By default, your password is what protects your account from unauthorized access by anyone other than yourself. Implementing multi-factor authentication essentially adds a second layer of security to that process. The most common form of multi-factor authentication is using an app on your mobile phone which generates a random pin that changes every thirty seconds. Once enabled, any time you need to access your Microsoft 365 account from a new or unrecognized device, you will be prompted for not only your email address and password, but also the pin from the mobile app. Under this setup, even if a malicious actor has both your email address and password, they would also need this randomly changing pin to access your data.

With all that in mind, our team is happy to walk both you and your team through the implementation process step-by-step and one-on-one. Again, this is something we HIGHLY recommend you implement as soon as possible.

The EON Team