Our Clients


Our clients are typically small to medium businesses with 1 to 500 employees who have complex IT systems but don’t have the time or resources to support the costs and complexities associated with managing their own IT staff.

We currently serve hundreds of organizations both throughout the United States and abroad. We assist businesses of all types from a wide variety of industries.


Our clients include financial institutions, medical facilities, other IT companies, accounting firms, law firms, emergency service centers, manufacturing facilities, government institutions, schools, architectural firms, real estate offices, charity groups, and non-profits.


Because we have experience working in a variety of industries, our team is already familiar with best practices and regulation of those industries. We have experience working with HIPAA, SOX, PCI, NCUA compliance, and Dodd-Frank regulations, as well as the IT security risks that effect every modern business.


We strive to be a well-rounded IT support team and we have extensive knowledge of PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. Our solutions are platform agnostic and we understand that different platforms make sense for different people and vary by industry.   


Most of our new clients are interested in “the cloud” but aren’t sure where to begin. We’ll make it our goal to identify which new cloud technologies make the most sense for your organization and we’ll work with you to implement a solution that leverages those technologies wisely. We understand that cloud solutions aren’t ideal for everyone, but we’ll work with you to determine if and where cloud solutions make sense for your organization.